What We Consume... Time to Draw the Line

Posted on 10 Nov 2016 by Joanna Tomkins tagged Indonesia,Palm Oil,Conservation,Ecology,Disaster,Consumerism

It is so very important that we stop using Palm Oil and yet it is difficult because it is everywhere now, as a main ingredient of all processed foods and also used by many restaurants and in catering. In some countries, civil society have banned the product from their shopping lists and so the food industry has had but no choice to replace it with other cooking oils but in others there is little or no awareness of this eco-disaster. 

Yes, it is important to stop eating foods that produce cancer and reduce our own personal vibration,but just how important is that if we make our planet suffer at the same time. I have personally seen produce in health shops containing palm oil. 

Please help us raise awareness by sharing this article and reading the ingredients on your processed food. Even the ingredients in dried raisins use palm oil to keep them from sticking to each other and most biscuits in Africa use palm oil for example. 

We are the drop. Only "One drop in the Ocean"? Yes but vitally important to help free the world of crimes against humanity. If we continue to not feel what our eyes cannot see on the other side of the world, we however innocently become that "Drop that spills the cup". 

A difficult time to live in this is... one where we seek awareness but seek detachment at the same time. Where do we draw the line?

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