Too many elephants or too much cruelty to elephants? What can we do?

Posted on 12 Jul 2016 by Joanna Tomkins tagged Elephants,overpopulation,africa,petition,volunteering

Too many elephants or too much cruelty to elephants? What can we do?

Many areas in Southern Africa suffer from elephant overpopulation, whilst the Africa Elephant continues to disappear from areas where it used to occur naturally. It is very difficult to translocate elephants from one reserve to another, making the obvious solution almost impossible. 

Read more about selective culling and how populations can be controlled. You can donate to this cause on the page also. ANY case legalising elephant ivory trade is not a solution!

So, please sign the petition to continue the pressure to ensure that African countries do not lift the ban on ivory. Every little drop counts in our fight for conservation and against animal exploitation.

There are still some areas where African Elephants occur in the wild.
Enquire if you would like to join a volunteering program in the Namibian Damaraland to help raise awareness with EHRA, Elephant Human Relations Aid. 

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