The Story of Hope the Rhino

Posted on 04 May 2016 by Wilderness Foundation South Africa tagged Wilderness Foundation,Rhino Poaching,Conservation,Hope,South Africa

The Wilderness Foundation is a Conservation organisation working to protect and sustain all life on earth for current and future generations.

The Wilderness Foundation Africa works from its base in South Africa to protect and sustain wildlife and wilderness through integrated conservation and education programmes. Whether it is direct action anti-poaching in the field, large landscape wilderness management, or developing rising young leaders from disadvantaged communities for a career in conservation, the Wilderness Foundation has over 40 years of results. 

The Foundation was established in 1972 by conservation pioneer Dr Ian Player, who led the team that saved the white rhino from extinction in the 1960’s, an action-legacy that the Wilderness Foundation continues today, working against wildlife crime and combating the rhino poaching crisis. 

A Story of Hope

In May 2015, 3 rhino lost their lives in a poaching incident in the Eastern Cape. Hope was found in the most horrific condition, with her face mutilated and left for dead. Through the efforts of many dedicated teams, she has survived the attack and we share her story in this video.

Please share this video to increase awareness around the shocking reality of Rhino Poaching in Africa:

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