Table Mountain, according to the Khoi & the San, is often seen magestically covered by a blanket of clouds, and was known as Hu-!Gais meaning "veiled in clouds", and seen as a Sacred & Spiritual Mountain covered by the Spirit of their All Mighty Supreme God known as Tsui//Goab "he gives rain, he makes the clouds, he lives in the clouds, and he makes our cows & our sheep fruitful": T.Haan 1881.

Table Mountain was also known as Hoerikwaggo "Mountain in the sea".
Lions Head  Table Mt sunset 2 01-06.07

Table Mountain according to African legend:  Tixo, God of the Sun, and Djobela, the One Eyed Earth Goddess conceived Qamata, who created the world.  The Great Sea Dragon, Nkanyamba was so jealous that he fought & wounded Qamata, trying to stop him creating dry land.  But the Earth Mother, Djobela, came to Qamata's aid, creating four mighty Giants to guard the corners of the Earth.... After many battles with the Sea Dragon the Giants were mortally wounded.  Before they died they asked the Earth Mother to turn them into Mountains, so that even in death they could guard the Earth.  And so the Greatest Giant of All, Umlindi Wemingizimu became Table Mountain, the Watcher of the South.


Stone Age tools going back over 100 000 years have been found in caves and shelters surrounding Table Mountain, even a carved stone head was found on sinal hill.  Many Khoi and San artifacts ostrige egg shell beads, holed stones, grinding stones stained with Red Ochre, and much more have been found.  Some of these artifacts are in the South African Iziko Museum in Cape Town, some may be held in UCT, and also the museum archives.

Table Mountain Southern Cross night view


Table Mountain is a place that over the years has brought together many hundreds and thousands of people together in prayer and ceremony. We will continue to hold such gatherings and prayer ceremonies that provide a platform for people and communities to put aside there differences and come together and share their prayers and intentions for Humanity and our Planet, forming together a unified spirit consciouness that has a respect and love of All Life!


Land –Water - People - Plants and Animals that have been recognized and singled out as having a “Sacred Quality” and “Value” to humanity and our planet, that deserve to be specially honoured, acknowledged, protected and shared in a respectful way that enhances all life on our Mother Earth.

  • Sacred Land - Includes Sacred Caves & Shelters of the Ancients, Megalithic and Monolithic Rocks and Rock structures Natural or Interacted with or shaped, engraved or painted on. Landscapes and land forms that have been recognised to have spiritual and/or sacred significance/symbolism or that hold a sacred or spiritually orientated geographical or astronomical position or direction.
  • Sacred Water -  Natural occurring springs, water-holes and water sources,lakes, waterfalls, rivers and estuaries,  that have been recognised to have spiritual and/or sacred significance/symbolism or healing properties. Ocean bays & sanctuaries where whales and dolphins mate and give birth.
  • Sacred People - All burial sites, graves and human skeletal remains. Living and past recognized Spiritual teachers, custodians of sacred knowledge and their works.
  • Sacred Plants - All Natural and Indigenous Seeds - individual Tree's & Plants that have been recognized in the past or present as having spiritual or sacred significance/symbolism or healing properties. 
    Sacred Animals - All animals that have been recognized in the past or present as having or holding spiritual or sacred significance/symbolism.


Dean Liprini is the author of "Pathways of the Sun - understanding the mysteries of Table Mountain & beyond".  He is based in Cape Town, South Africa and for over 20 years has been an independent Archeo Astronomer / Researcher of these Sunpath Sacred Sites.  To help protect these and other Sacred Sites accross Southern Africa & create greater awareness, in 2012 Dean founded the "Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa" (registered in South Africa as a Not for Profit Organisation Reg:100-727-NPO).  He has explored not only the various physical academic sciences, Archaeology, Astronomy, Geology, Geography and History, but also the Sacred Geometries, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healing aspects enshrined within these Sacred Sites.


The Sacred Sites Foundation have now introduced a new calendar of walks every weekend for summer 2016/2017 in Cape Town. These events will be on Sat or Sun morning from 10h00 to 13h00 at 3 Sacred Site areas.

Confirmation of updated details will be on their Sacred Sites Community of Sothern Africa Facebook Page every week.

Or you can contact Dean Liprini at

1.    Peers and  Ascension Cave , Sunvalley, Noordhoek.with Ishsaqua Sabodien.

PEERS (Burial) CAVE, Sun Valley: This is a GREAT MOTHER CAVE, a sacred sanctuary chosen for shelter by many ancient people for thousands of years.  It is one of the most southern Rock Art Sites in the whole of Africa.  It was also a sacred burial ground where more than 14 human skeletons were removed in the early 1920's. It is, like all caves a giant womb, that could shelter more than 100 people from danger and bad weather.

TUNNEL(Ascension)CAVE: is another Sacred Cave that symbolises the Female / Mother in the form of a Great Birthing Canal 50ft long by 27ft wide, formed in Metamophic Crystalised Quartzitic Sandstone = the Crystal Tunnel - Cave of Ascension.

Please bring a small snack and water, sun and wind protection

Cost adults R100 and children free, in support of the Sacred Sites Community of Southern Africa.

2.    Echo Valley, Amphitheatre and Spes Bona Forest above Kalk Bay with Frans Hills

Join an exploration & experience above Kalk Bay. The hike begins from Boyes Drive (signage for Echo’s Valley will ensure you’re in the right place), A steep set of stone steps lead straight from the busy road up into the mountain, shaded by dense bushes and shrubs. Climb through beautiful fynbos, pass crashing waterfalls, and through the break in the trees, you can enjoy the most exquisite views of False Bay and the Kalk Bay harbour.

Max 15 people

Medium Level Fitness. Very Steep All Ages Welcome! Bring sun/wind protection ,water and a light snack.

Donation of R100 for the Sacred Sites Community of Southern Africa

3.    Red Hill Dam Meditation Walks, above Simonstown with Conway Lotter & Martyn Taylor.  

Red Hill qualifies as one of the myriad mountain passes in the Western Cape, linking Simon's Town to Scarborough and Misty Cliffs.On a clear day these are some of the best views of False Bay, Misty Cliffs and Scarborough, Also up here on the crest of the hill is beautiful Kleinplaas Dam with it's otherworldly rock formations that feels like you are walking on the moon. 

Max 15 people

Medium Level Fitness. Gentle Walk. All Ages Welcome! Bring sun/wind protection,  ,water and a light snack.

Donation of R100 for the Sacred Sites Community of Southern Africa

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