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South Africa

South Africa is the located at the southern most tip of Africa. With a population of about 55 million, South Africa is multi-ethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. Its stunning combination of people, nature, landscape, history, and culture has made it a once in a lifetime experience for millions of travellers.

The large diversity of South Africa's landscape offers a wide variety of completely different scenery, that will satisfy most people's tastes and preferences. Regardless of whether you prefer to track the Big Five, swim in the blue waters of the Indian ocean, take in the culture and history of our "Rainbow Nation", hike in the mountains or along the coast, savor good wine and food, see wild flowers in profusion or simply just lazing around in the sun, you will encounter spectacular scenic surroundings everywhere.

South Africa's viticulture competes with the best in the world. Whether it's honeyed Chenin Blancs or silky Pinot Noirs, South Africa's wines are improving in leaps and bounds. To accompany the wine, South Africa offers a variety of unique and extraordinary local and international cuisines.

South African people are warm and amiable. They welcome travellers with open arms, and encourage others to enjoy the beauty that the country has to offer. With a vibrant combination of modern ways and ancient customs, South Africa's society has been formed right through its history by large arrays of people who came to see and decided to settle. You should come and visit to explore the colorful diversity of the South African social composition for yourself.

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Animal Tracks and Tracking (7 or 14 Days)

Animal Tracks and Tracking offers you the ultimate wilderness immersion. Through the ancient art of tracking – possibly the oldest art and science – you will connect with the iconic places and creatures of Africa on foot.
Introducing our new Art Therapy courses

Art Therapy in Nature Retreat

Join the inspirational Art Therapy retreat in nature – for creative souls! Indulge in a weekend of experiential art-making, creativity, self-expression, reflection, learning, meditation, walks in nature and delicious vegetarian food.
Immersion in the Amazing World of Birds

Birding in the Southern African Bush

This course has been designed to broaden and enrich your knowledge and skills by educating you about the fascinating world of birds.

Cape Town Art Therapy Intensive Workshop

This 5-day intensive course is targeted at ALL ADULTS including professionals, mental health practitioners, therapists, social workers, OT's, educators, artists, parents and students who are interested in and want to learn about Art Therapy.
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Cape Yoga and Detox Retreat

Life Is About Balance between Body, Mind and Soul. We invite you to this Yoga and Detox Retreat, a 6 day & 5 night journey in the Cape

Cycling Township Tour in Cape Town

Experience the lifestyle of the majority of South Africans on this interactive cultural Township Tour. Learn how to click like a Xhosa and join the Sangoma for a traditional ceremony.

Drakensberg Amphitheatre Slackpacking

The Drakensberg Amphitheatre Slackpacking 3 Day Trail has been planned to enable walkers of average ability to be rewarded by awe inspiring, never-to-forgotten views from the top of the escarpment
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EcoQuest: Reconnecting with Nature

For the adventurous spirit wanting to gain a greater understanding of nature and the environment whilst experiencing the excitement of the bush
Started or End your Cape Town Travels with a Boost!

Juicing Away Retreat in the Cape

A seven-day journey designed to completely detoxify, reboot and recharge your mental and physical health.

Kosi Bay Slackpacking Trail

The Kosi Bay Hike is an escape into one of the most inaccessible and ecologically special parts of South Africa.
UNIQUE setting, on a houseboat

Nirvana Yoga Retreats, Nourish and Restore (4 days)

Enjoy a magical weekend away on the Nirvana Houseboat in Kraalbaai, in the South African West Coast National Park. Yoga, meditation, massage, delicious vegetarian meals, swimming, and so much more, amidst breathtaking surroundings.
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Pondoland Nature and Culture Trail

Led by a local guide, on our 5 day/5 night Pondo-Voyager trailists will be treated to warm amaXhosa hospitality at a village homestay on the South African Wild Coast.

The Hoerikwaggo Table Mountain 2 to 5 Day Hikes

Hike the endless secrets of Table Mountain National Park to enjoy the best of Cape Fauna and Flora with fantastic views over the Cape Peninsula

Winelands Meander Stellenbosch and Franshoek

Experience the historic Cape wine route with a personalised guide who will take you on a Winelands meander.
The Klein Karoo is at its best in spring

Yoga, Nature Walks and Meditation Retreat in the Karoo, South Africa (5 days)

Join Rene Lambert on a rustic Klein Karoo farm to explore the Yamas and Niyamas in asana, pranayama, walks, rest and meals.
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