Gaia Conscious Travel provides travel Experiences to a community that is aware of the ramification of its ripple upon Gaia, our mater terra; mindful of the effect that our actions, our movements and even our thoughts have on the whole planet, including its live beings.

With intelligence and compassion, our community can travel in a way that is less detrimental to the Earth’s complex systems and that helps to maintain the conditions for optimal coexistence. And, not only that, the more your individual awareness grows whilst you travel, then the more positive intentions you will bring home, ready to contribute further towards global consciousness.

We want to encourage travellers to travel consciously and to consciously Experience PEOPLE, NATURE and LIFE.

Please read our Conscious Travel Guidelines and read more about our Conscious Travel Principles on the blocks below:


Be it the local inhabitants, or the people you stay with, your fellow travellers or facilitators, meeting other people is the most awakening and humbling side of travel. When we travel consciously we meet each new person without assumptions and we refrain from judging. We commit to listen and observe with open ears, open eyes and an open heart. This disposition will allow us to bring home unsuspected knowledge that we will apply throughout our life.


There are many teachings that we can share also whilst we travel. It’s always possible to leave a positive footprint behind us, either by engaging in community or nature conservation volunteering, donating to a local project or by simply applying and sharing ideas on how to protect the environment during your trip (recycling, reusing, exchanging...).  By travelling consciously, we can compensate the negative impact of international travel and campaign for change.


Going away doesn’t mean that our awareness takes a break! If we are learning to be present and aware at every moment whilst we are at home, we can increase our personal growth whilst we travel. In particular, meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices will directly help you increase your inner and outer consciousness. But, indirectly, any of our Experiences away can help us reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level if we set the right intentions.

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