Natural Change: A Vision Quest in the South African Cederberg

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A 7 day vision quest in the wilderness to reconnect with your inner self.

Dates: 13-19 November 2016
Group Size: Min 6, Max 12


A 7 day wilderness Experience to deepen the connection with oneself, to work on a profound understanding of the connection between mind, soul and body. This is an Experience that is suited for all people who like to meditate, to spend time with themselves, or who know that they should. A strong determination to increase your levels of self awareness is requested for you to reap all the benefits of this natural vision quest and to return home transformed.

Our ancestors knew about the importance of these practices for supporting and nurturing individuals and their communities but modern cultures appear to have forgotten their necessity for cultivating well-being and a deeper sense of belonging. Instead, many of us find ourselves strangers in our own lives, unsure of our place and value, and hungry for a connection with the an enduring spirit and the dependable rhythms of the earth.
Primarily, people seek wilderness rites of passage in times of significant life transitions or to complete transitions begun at an earlier time but left unfinished. Their goals in doing this include bringing back to one's people and place something of value: direction, purpose, personal power, stability, energy, wisdom, or a maturity that is expressed in service to others and to the world.
Vision quests are known by many names and are common to all cultures in their diverse forms. They are a powerful way for touching that which is within and seeks expression.

The Facilitator

Jessica Tyrrell's work and own experiences have verified how time spent in wilderness restores an ease in oneself, evokes perspective, recalls purpose and re-enlivens living. Her vision is to co-inhabit a world where people have reconnected to nature and so themselves. 

"Through journeys into wildness we travel into internal and external wild places, and in doing so remember our place in relation to all of life."

Jessica has an Honours Degree in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and over 17 years of experience in wilderness and outdoor education all over West and Southern Africa.

Together with her qualifications as a lead guide in white water rafting, mountains and the desert, she is trained as a Vision Quest guide and facilitates Rites of Passage for young people and adults.

The Natural Tools Jess will use to help you Reconnect with Yourself

  • Solitude has been a part of mystical and initiatory paths throughout human history.  It takes us back into ourselves, inviting us to discover our own deepest nature and to open ourselves to the richness of life and the more-than-human world.
  • Immersion in nature takes us back to the place where we remember that we are part of something larger than ourselves and participants in the greater earth eco-system.  We return to our place in the natural world finding renewal and reflection in the environment that we have evolved in for at least the last million years.
  • Fasting is another ancient cross-cultural practice. Most people are able to fast during the solo period of the Vision Quest, generally between 2-4 days. One understanding of fasting is that when we empty our bodies of food, we allow space in ourselves to be nourished by something else. If there are any concerns about fasting, these will be discussed individually before the solo time.

The Rim of Africa - Matric Chill Out

We would like to suggest that you donate towards this project to increase your positive travel footprint.

This is a project that Jess Tyrrell created for the Rim of Africa. Its first pilot happened very successfully in 2015. 

At a powerful transition point in their lives, this 5 day wilderness immersion offers South African youth who are finishing schools, and come from diverse backgrounds a unique space to discover themselves, create cross-cultural friendships and recognise the value of their natural heritage. 

ImageThese 5 days build confidence and self reliance, forge social and environmental relationships that transform participants’ values, their sense of self and direction, and their views of South Africa and the wider world .  Due to an interracial and class exposure deficit in the majority of South African schools and beyond, an understanding and appreciation of diversity has not been a natural occurrence. This “Matric Chill Out” experience is the first point of social contact for Matrics* after leaving school, and the importance of this being a positive experience of diversity, equality and self expression that encourages constructive future engagements and relationships with a variety of races different to their own, cannot be overstated in our country. The wilderness setting is not only the “great leveller” that supports these connections, but spontaneously evokes its own appreciation as well as fostering ecological values, and plants the seeds of a future environmental ethic. 

The success of the project last year showed these as points of impact for the participants:

  • Value of exposure to other race groups at a real and intimate level
  • Breaking down boundaries between racial stereotypes
  • Building dialogue and expressive confidence 
  • Diversity of conversational perspective
  • A space for deep questioning at a pivotal transition time for young adults
  • Direct experience and exposure to wilderness that transcends previous structured environments
  • Wonderment at the natural world 

The vision is to foster greater cross-racial and interregional connections among South African youth  including making this experience accessible for those who cannot afford it. There is a bursary fund under the Rim of Africa Trust which accepts donations towards sponsoring a young person to take part in this experience. 

For more on this project please see the website www.rimofafrica.org and follow the links to the "Matric Chill Out". 

*Matric is the equivalent of A Levels in South Africa.

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