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Namibia is a country in Southern Africa, whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia is about amazing scenery and culture, as well as magnificent wildlife viewing, which makes it a great travel destination. Namibia possess some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. From the Fish River Canyons to Etosha National Park and desert roads, Namibia does not fail to satisfy an adventurous traveller's needs.

With a population of about 2.2 million made up of 11 ethnic groups, Namibia offers a great mix of people, cultures, and languages. When you travel to Namibia you will immediately see there is a diverse amount of culture in the country with a surprisingly strong German culture. The locals will warmly welcome travellers into their land to explore and live as the locals do.

Himba traditional dance

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Amazing people, project and place!

Desert Elephant Family Volunteering in Namibia

Volunteer with your family in supporting the conservation of the Namibian desert elephant and other local educational projects.

Volunteering with Desert Elephants

Volunteer with elephants in the Namibian desert to help conserve the endangered desert species and cooperate with local educational projects
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