Morning Routines for Freelance Workers and a Travel Lifestyle.

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Being balanced wasn’t intuitive or straightforward when I started to live a conscious travel lifestyle. There are so many distractions and all are fresh, new, and entertaining! It can get anyone’s head spun after a certain period of time. When I first started a travel freelance lifestyle, I was all over the place and getting work done was a battle. I would connect to my surroundings and be mesmerized with the culture I would barely make time for my work. While it is marvelous to be in the moment and go with the flow, it is so valuable to come back to center and ground. 

For me being grounded is simplest to connect through a morning practice. Solely, changing the way in which I wake can make me ten times more proactive towards a healthier lifestyle.


While it may be said, that the word grounded has no place in the exciting travel lifestyle, on the contrary, grounding can develop a deeper and more meaningful personal creativity. The more grounded I am the more I am able to connect to my creative self and share myself with others without feeling drained or overspent.


My morning routine does shift according to the season however, there are set practices that haven’t changed for years.


Wake Slowly

By awakening slowly, I am allowing myself the time to prepare to be awake for the day. Waking slower removes the rushed feeling that surfaces nerves while embracing the day with a smile. I try to wake naturally without an alarm by attaining my natural clock to wake early in the morning. I prefer waking around 7:30 am. Some people like waking earlier, some later. There are times in my life I loved waking up to the Sunrise. For now, 7:30 is totally awesome.


Affirmation/ Visualization Meditation

Directly after waking it is told we are in our purest form- we are holding space for all of our dreams and visions and have less negative thoughts allowing us to be pulled into a day of panic and disease. When I do a morning meditation, it is far different than an evening meditation. In this case, I am inviting the day to be blessed with affirmations and visualizations. I tell myself how wonderful the day will be and how effortless all my projects will be to overtake. I bring in the abundance mindset- the awareness that I am abundant and prosperous. This part of my morning is structured to relieve myself of doubts, only allowing positive truths in my mind and heart-space.



As a Thai bodyworker/massage therapist, I have learned many versions of awakening the blood in our body and get our nervous system active. I do a mixture of deep slow stretches while I pat down my body one limb at a time always ending in the direction towards the heart. I also scratch my head and pat my head to get my brain active and ready for the day.


Yoga Practice

If I am doing a yoga practice in the morning it is heat-building. It is more active and yang focused (more vigorous and less deep stretches). I will do six sets of sun salutations (Iyengar style), a few balancing poses to check in with my grounding, a couple warrior poses, a headstand, shoulder stand, fish pose, and end with a couple side stretches. Simple, right?! 


Shower Meditation

Other than being pretty sweaty after a good workout, a shower can really reset and center the heart and mind for the day. I take this time to wash all that doesn’t serve me while I am in the shower. If I have any doubts or fears about the work I am doing I let them go down the drain. I also use the time to reflect on a bit of gratitude for the purification of water. There are many places in the world where water is a luxury and I do my best to remember how fortunate I am.



My grandfather used to have a saying about eating habits. Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. I don’t agree at all in truth. However, he was a western doctor and I primarily practice eastern modalities- so it makes sense we differ with pretty much everything health related. I firstly have warm water before I ingest anything in my body to balance my pH and allow my digestive organs to resettle from evening digestion. I usually have a piece of fruit and yogurt, tea or coffee for breakfast and eat a hearty lunch.


Write Down My Five Priorities of the Day

When I don’t write the priorities out I notice I never get the first priority done, and instead wiggle around the most important task and do everything else. Our brains are hard-wired for fear. It is easy to not do the most difficult task and make excuses why we don’t have the time or shouldn’t do it that moment. I have the ability to clean my whole house twice before doing the most important task, and because of this, I created the five-priority system. I write down the five priorities and make sure I do the most important one first. Sometimes I may not get to all of the tasks on the list, but I know that by the end of the day I did what was most important. This makes me contented to end my day appreciating that I accomplished something important every day.

With Infinite Gratitude, 

The Snarky Spiritualist

Brook Woolf

Each part of my routine usually is completed before 10:30 and my day is prepared with grounding and clarity. When my days start like this I discover I don’t require nearly as many working hours and I am not distracted throughout the day. I am focused, present and positive about all my work. If I have a day planned of fun activities it is even more fabulous because I am able to be present in my body. I may skip the yoga too if I know I am about to do something physical that day as an undertaking.

I hope this was beneficial for anyone who works remotely, travels often, or works independently, as a balanced morning routine to seizes the day. It took me two years to find the right morning routine that made me the blissful traveler I am today, and I am grateful for the process. Each part of our day influences the following and when a day is started off correctly it is impressive what can materialize.

About the Author:

Brook Woolf is an empowerment coach who helps people achieve pain-free living through the power of mindset. She currently runs a course for travelers who feel stuck or lost, suchas digital nomads and remote workers. She is a true jill of all trades. She founded a three-story nonprofit art center at 22 years of age, promoting constant learning and in doing so she is consistently enrolling herself in new skills. She is certified in Massage Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Thai Massage, B.F.A., coaching as well as studied Chinese nutrition and holistic wellness. 

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