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Madagascar is an island located in the Indian Ocean of the eastern coast of Africa. Its abundance in animal species and plant life, and its mountainous central plateau and coastal plains makes it an ideal travel destination for nature lovers.

With 22 million inhabitants, who are a mix of African, Arab, and Indian origin to make up the Malagasy ethnic groups, Madagascar offers travellers the opportunity to experience unique identities and engage with different cultures. The locals are extremely welcoming and create a warm atmosphere, in which, travellers can easily interact with them and others.

In Madagascar, the main mode of transport is by water. Whether it be by canoes or paddle boats, the adventurous travelling options gives travellers the opportunity to relax and take in the amazing view.

Madagascar's distinctive ecology has allowed the unique and endemic island to evolve. The island is often referred to as, the world's eighth continent. It is home to about 15000 plant species, and over 80% of these are endemic to the island, and are found nowhere else in the world. Orchid, Baobab, and palm tree lovers will have a field day looking at the various species on the island. As with the flora, Madagascar's fauna is exploding with indigenous wildlife. The island is a niche for lemurs, and is home to all 130 species of them. If the lemurs aren't enough, the island is also home to various bird species, reptile species, and a plethora of endemic invertebrates.


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Land and Water, Culture and Nature

Kayak and Cultural Experience in Madagascar

A 14 day culture & kayaking adventure to the South East of Madagascar, camping with a lot of style.
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