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FOOD FOR THE SOUL: Exploring The Tastes of Different Cultures

24 Mar 2016, by Jessica Munda


Explore food and culture while travelling. Can you imagine life without food?

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What difference can a bike make?!

17 May 2016, by Bicycle Empowerment Network

Cycling,biking,bicycle,empowerment,society,NGO,South Africa,Cape town

Bicycles are good for people AND they are good for the environment

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Table Mountain, A Sacred Site - Day Tours

28 Oct 2016, by Dean Liprini

Sacred Sites,Table Mountain,South Africa,Cape Town,archeology,spiritual,hiking

To help protect these and other Sacred Sites accross Southern Africa & create greater awareness, in 2012 Dean founded the "Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa"

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We are Tanzanians, we are Hadzabe

11 Nov 2016, by Daudi Peterson, Richard Baalow and Jon Cox

Hadza,Tanzania,Tribe,Culture,Hunter Gatherers,community

We are Hadzabe, we are Tanzanians. Our people number about 1000 and we live in the Lake Eyasi Valley and surrounding hills.

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Welcome to Gaia Conscious Travel!

Many people worldwide are mindful of how their lifestyle affects our planet Gaia, the communities that live on her and off her resources. They also are more aware of how their choices affect their own body, mind, soul and spirit.

Welcome to our online travel agency, where like-minded people can discuss and source their ideal conscious travel experiences! Together, on our blog and social media, we will discuss how to reduce the negative effects of travel on our human and natural environments and also how travel can help us grow. We will put all our efforts together to leave a positive footprint behind us and within us.