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Finally Some Rain

17 Mar 2016, by Vaughn du Plooy

South Africa,tracks,rain,nature,Kruger

How a little bit of rain can magnify the beauty of nature.

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Turtle hatching has started on Mafia Island!

10 Jun 2016, by Mafia Island Diving Centre


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Too many elephants or too much cruelty to elephants? What can we do?

12 Jul 2016, by Joanna Tomkins


Many areas in Southern Africa suffer from elephant overpopulation, whilst the Africa Elephant continues to disappear from areas where it used to occur naturally.

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The Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

23 Aug 2016, by Bwindi Independent Travel Portal (edited)


The endangered impressive Mountain Gorillas in Uganda don’t live in any zoo across the planet since they cannot survive in detention and thus there aren’t any known mountain gorillas surviving within zoos.

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What is a Pangolin?!

03 Nov 2016, by and


With small conical heads and jaws lacking teeth, pangolins have amazingly long, muscular, and sticky tongues that are perfect for reaching and lapping up ants and termites in deep cavities.

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