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10 Feb 2016, by Jessica Munda


EXPERIENCE. ADVENTURE. KNOWLEDGE. TASTE. CONNECTION. CHANGE. These are only some of the few things that make us escape our comfort zones, and dare to discover the beautiful wonders of this world that we are privileged to grace. But, merely travelling is not enough. In order to really make the experience an authentic one, and to grow into the person that you want to be, you need to create a link between your travel lifestyle and your lifestyle at home.

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17 Mar 2016, by Ben Coley

Big 5,Africa,nature,immersion

The feeling of immersion in a pristine wilderness area is something that only a few of us are lucky enough to experience. It is a place where the complications of our world disappear.

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Do you Feel you are at a Turning Point in your Life?

29 Apr 2016, by Corinna Stevenson - Ecopsychologist, Founder of Dragonfly Healing

Vision Quest,South Africa,fasting,Immersion,nature

The Vision Quest is a time of solitude in nature in which you seek inner revelation – vision – that will enhance the meaning and direction of your life.

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Can I make the world more peaceful?

31 Aug 2016, by Art of Living


How I can make a change to peace in the world by simply changing the way I breathe every day?

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What is Kundalini, you asked me?

18 Oct 2016, by David for


At the subtle level, Kundalini is the fuel which keeps our subtle bodies running.

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To a Conscious Xmas and a Responsible New Year!

12 Dec 2016, by Alka Pratap and Tina Jabr for Huffington Post

Christmas,conscious,consumerism,New Year,responsible,living

The year 1970 was a watershed for humanity. For the first year in human history, we used up more resources than the earth could replenish within that time.

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46 Meditation Tips and Answers to Common Questions

16 Aug 2017, by Giovanni Dienstmann


Whether you are doing meditation for stress relief or spiritual enlightenment, you will likely find some interesting information and advice here

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Welcome to Gaia Conscious Travel!

Many people worldwide are mindful of how their lifestyle affects our planet Gaia, the communities that live on her and off her resources. They also are more aware of how their choices affect their own body, mind, soul and spirit.

Welcome to our online travel agency, where like-minded people can discuss and source their ideal conscious travel experiences! Together, on our blog and social media, we will discuss how to reduce the negative effects of travel on our human and natural environments and also how travel can help us grow. We will put all our efforts together to leave a positive footprint behind us and within us.