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Known as the gateway to Africa, Ghana’s rich and colourful cultural identity still lives on and plays a vital role in everyday life for its people. The first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence from colonial rule in 1957 Ghana’s ethnic diversity, safety and friendly locals make it a must visit for any traveller wanting to experience West African culture. Traditional festivals and durbars are common place and have not changed in centuries, add this to the ancient connection with arts and crafts like Kente, Adinkra, pottery, brass works and not forgetting a rich musical history the inquisitive traveller will not be disappointed. Ghana has a vibrant cultural identity and has been inhabited for over 300.000 years, it’s current ethnographic composition are results from constant migration from the North and Eastern parts of Africa, mainly due to the abundance of Gold in the region. 

The people of Ghana also traced their roots to Jews of the first Diaspora of 600 B.C who were forcibly expelled from Israel by the Assyrians. This Cultural diversity is evident with over 75 African dialects spoken in current day Ghana. European settlers were initially lured here by the trade in Ivory and Gold. But sadly, this was soon to be replaced by the tragic trade in human cargo, bound for the rapidly increasing number of plantations in the Americas. Ghana was the main centre for exporting enslaved Africans and it was at a far greater rate than any other West African country. This is evident with over 20 castles and Fortifications still dotting the Coastline and with over 70% of castles and fortifications along the entire West African coastline being built in Ghana. Travelling to Ghana with Gaia Conscious Travel gives you an excellent opportunity to mix with locals and interact with traditional rulers and the people of this wonderful country. Choosing one of our tours and immersing yourself in Ghana’s diverse culture and traditions, is an experience that will live with you forever.

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