Posted 13 May 2016, Author: Jess Munda tagged Campaign,Travel,Responsible,Sustainable,Fair Trade

The Campaign for Conscious Travel was introduced by Gaia Conscious Travel in order to increase travellers awareness on being conscious while travelling. We have shared this campaign massively on all the social platforms that we use: facebook, Google+, twitter, instagram, Linked In, Pinterest. Because, together, we can change the way the world travels!


Consciousness is the state of being aware of one’s surroundings and self. It is the ability to experience, feel, and have a sense of selfhood. By increasing the quality of consciousness that one possesses, we can start paving our pathway to happiness and serenity, while “PRESERVE natural resources and RESPECT other countries’ cultures and people.”

The central focus of Conscious Travel is PEOPLE, NATURE and LIFE. People refers to the different cultures, tribes, and customs that exist in the world, and the local communities that keep these alive. Nature refers to the natural environment, which encompasses all the flora and fauna that inhabit the beautiful Earth. Lastly, Life refers to our own spiritual awakening, and being in touch with the mind, body and soul. “Our love for PEOPLE, NATURE, and LIFE forces us to CHANGE THE WAY WE TRAVEL. By being more attentive, curious, and adventurous, we allow ourselves to EXPLORE the places we visit, ENGAGE with the locals, LEARN from them, and SUPPORT them.”

There are many problems that emerge from travelling if not done consciously. These problems include the eradication of natural resources, and a lack of respect being shown to local people and the environment while they are accepting us as guests in their home. Standing up and speaking out against what you believe is right and wrong is an important part of The Campaign for Conscious Travel. We are too often silent, and this needs to change. Just ask yourself, “WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR AS A CONSCIOUS TRAVELLER?” Once you find your answer, spread the word, inspire others and put turn your words into action.


One of the biggest problems caused by travelling is the negative economic impact that it can have on local communities. Some of us are travelling on a tight budget so, this aids us in being more conscious of where and how we spend our money. But, budget or not, it does not matter how much we spend, but how we choose to spend. By aligning how we spend with our conscious travel values, we can “SPREAD THE ECONOMIC BENEFIT of our visits around the local community.” So many families stand so much to gain from tourism, and the least that we can do is support them. So, “SHOP LOCAL, EAT LOCAL, STAY LOCAL, AND LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS.”

If you actively want to reduce your carbon footprint while travelling, “it is VITAL that you do your RESEARCH before reaching your destination.” Doing research on local customs, accommodation, and activities is usually overlooked, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to acting in a respectful and appropriate manner depending on the destination that you travel to. “IMMERSING ONESELF in the LOCAL CULTURE, NATURE, and forming a deeper CONNECTION to the LAND and your spiritual self is critical for your HEALTH and HAPPINESS.”


Once we are done travelling, and we are heading home from your conscious journey, we often wonder what comes next. This is an important question and the answer is simple (but easier said than done): “Let what you learned while travelling shape your future life goals” live a sustainable lifestyle, and support and respect those around you as you did on while travelling.

So, CAMPAIGN FOR CONSCIOUS TRAVEL to enrich your mind. Explore unique destinations, experience different cultures, absorb what you learn, and develop a different perspective on life.


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