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We travel to learn and we also learn to travel. When we travel consciously, we are in connection with all other human beings. We can exercise compassion, without judgement and then, once our hearts are open, we can learn a lot from our Experiences with others, our fellow travellers, guides and all the people we interact with on our journey, may we share or not the same culture, whatever their age, whatever their dreams...

In this Collection, you will find the Experiences that offer most opportunities of interacting with people, visiting cities or villages, staying or sharing a meal with locals or through volunteering in local community projects.

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An Intimate Journey into Angolan Culture

A 12-day Experience visiting the most fascinating tribes of Angola, with expert guide and anthropologist

Cycling Township Tour in Cape Town

Experience the lifestyle of the majority of South Africans on this interactive cultural Township Tour. Learn how to click like a Xhosa and join the Sangoma for a traditional ceremony.
Special Departure 30th Oct!

Pondoland Nature and Culture Trail

Led by a local guide, on our 5 day/5 night Pondo-Voyager trailists will be treated to warm amaXhosa hospitality at a village homestay on the South African Wild Coast.
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Uniquely Designed in Depth Cultural Experience

Tanzania Asilia: Cultural Discovery and the Big 5

An all inclusive grassroots journey that has been designed exclusively for Gaia Conscious Travel for an in depth Experience.

Winelands Meander Stellenbosch and Franshoek

Experience the historic Cape wine route with a personalised guide who will take you on a Winelands meander.
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