Initiation ceremonies are part of a cycle that helps us to find answers to life’s big questions and that encourage meaning and purpose by fostering a deepening of relationships within a larger context.The Vision Quest, a term first coined by European anthropologists, initially referred to traditional rituals practiced by North American indigenous people but is now used to refer to initiation ceremonies that are found pan-culturally. In earlier times, the Vision Quest was a normal part of the journey to adulthood, a natural step that was usually undertaken during the transition from childhood to adulthood. Today, there is a growing desire amongst Western populations to experience meaningful ritual and personal growth. As a result, the motivation for Vision Questing has evolved beyond the transition between adolescence and adulthood, and is used as a rite of confirmation, integration, and initiation that seeks to derive meaning through life’s diverse and challenging transitions.  The Vision Quest is a powerful container that encompasses mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

People have always used rituals to help them to mourn and recover. The Vision Quest is a therapeutic nature ritual that reinforces the awareness of loss, sanctions remembering, facilitates the expression of feelings, provides support, guides the needed reorganization of life, and affirms life’s meaning. If you feel that you are at a crossroads in your life or if you have questions about the intent and purpose for your life, consider the Vision Quest. 

The Vision Quest is a time of solitude in nature in which you seek inner revelation – vision – that will enhance the meaning and direction of your life. Under the guidance of a qualified and caring guides you go into nature to fast and pray. You give up physical comforts and the company of other humans while you pursue the discovery of intent and purpose. Those who seek deeply will find ancient mysteries of self-transformation – mysteries of clarity, of self-reliance and faith, of dying and return.

There is an element of perceived risk. Four days and nights alone in a natural place (solitude) and fasting (emptiness) and exposure to the elements (vulnerability), and self-reliance (self-trust), are the earmarks of old ways of learning. You can expect to invest a good deal of time watching yourself and your relationship to the earth and the rest of humanity.

You will prepare your own circle, take responsibility for your own well-being, and experience a multitude of emotions and feelings as personal borders are risked.

Interested?  Join a Vision Quest in the South African Cederberg with Jess Tyrrell in November 2016

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