Deep Cleansing Juice Detox Retreat

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A seven-day journey designed to completely detoxify, reboot and recharge your mental and physical health.

To Retreat To retreat is to take time away from the world, away from our duties and responsibilities. To retreat is a moment in time, a moment to purify. This is a deep cleansing retreat and is designed for you to completely detoxify your body and your mind and to recharge your mental and physical health. The retreat home is a beautiful farmhouse in Tulbagh in the Western Cape near Cape Town and is surrounded by mountains. . march54.JPG Align When we retreat (from the world) into ourselves, something deep within us is accessed. We nourish ourselves in a new way. In a way that we long for in our very active lives but in a way that perhaps we’ve glimpsed but not yet delved into. When we retreat, our senses are sharpened, we become more in tune with our inner selves, our inner voice, our intuition and something changes. Daily Hikes, Yoga and Pilates On this retreat, we will slow down and come to rest. We will take all that is not essential out of our experience and nourish our minds and bodies at a deep level. Our tools are accessed, channeled through our body with a juice cleanse, mindful yoga, meditation, walking in nature and through holistic bodywork (treatments). The daily hikes, yoga and Pilates will greatly assist your juice cleanse and will transform the way you look at your health. The farm is the perfect environment for total relaxation and rest and you can look forward to coming away inspired towards a healthy lifestyle. Deep Cleansing Juice Fast Fasting has long been practiced by so many who have come before us who have fasted as a tool to access their deeper selves, to cleanse the body and purify the mind. This has a strong effect on us as we open to a deeper connection within and without. The result is that we start looking at our lives and where we are with a fresh and clear vision. With this clarity it becomes easier to guide and direct our lives into the lives of our own choosing. This is a deep level detox. In order for you to access the emotional and mental levels it is really important for you to first detox your body. You will lose weight, you will get strong from the physical walking in nature everyday, the yoga and the Pilates. You do not have to have practiced yoga or Pilates before as we will teach you. All you need is an open mind and to give yourself over to the process. Mental Clarity Many people come on our retreats with the intention of becoming healthy, getting some rest and decompressing, but the effects are far reaching. They do become healthy, they do get strong and fit but mostly they find a clarity that they had not thought was possible. One can't really know what real clarity, balance and health is while the body is full of toxins. Once the body is clean and clear, the mind follows and you will have full knowledge of this.
  1. Activities

    All our juices and almond milk are cold pressed ensuring more vitamin, mineral and enzyme intake. “Cold Pressed” means that the juices are squeezed as opposed to cut so that the maximum amount of nectar is extracted from the pulp and fibre leaving only raw fresh juice. We will be demonstrating exciting new juice recipes. Along with our juices we provide shots which are nutritional boosters to supercharge your immunity, energy and metabolism. 

    The daily activities promise to enhance your overall wellbeing. Morning Yoga classes are designed to assist the detoxification process and is suitable both for beginners as well as well as advanced practitioners. To complement this we will be exercising the body with beginner and advanced Pilates sessions to strengthen and support the physical changes as well as daily walks which also serve to lubricate the joints, tone and rejuvenate the body. At the end of the seven days, not only will you be a healthier, happier, lighter you, but you will have the knowledge required to set you on track for a vibrant new healthy lifestyle. The benefits of this process are far-reaching.



    • Ginger/lemon shots
    • All cold pressed juices from One Juice
    • Freshly squeezed juices
    • Almond milk
    • Superfood boosters (delicious and nutritious)
    • Colon cleanse with psyllium and bentonite clay
    • Daily yoga
    • Daily Pilates
    • Walks on the farm
    • Nutrition workshop
    • Inspirational films
    • Two full body holistic massages/therapies
    • Daily vitamin rich broths
    • Pool

  2. Why Cleanse?


    Our entire digestive system, our colon in particular is designed to process solid wastes from the foods we ingest.  Overall health is largely about our digestive systems functioning optimally.   A lifetime of improper eating habits, environmental pollution, medicinal drugs and various other lifestyle factors have contributed to an accumulation of poisons in the organs and tissues of the body.  In most people, the colon has become clogged with impacted dried mucus, undigested food, inorganic chemicals which not only inhibits digestion and normal bowel movements but also causes toxication of the bloodstream which is the primary cause of disease and degeneration of every organ in the body.   

    Cleansing or fasting is our body's natural way of removing or purging itself of poisons.  Fasting purifies the blood, regenerating and rebalancing all vital functions in the body.  Digestive functions use a large amounts of energy and enzyme power in our daily life and fasting diverts this energy to detoxification and healing. During fasting, each and every one of the internal organs detoxifies itself, while digestive enzymes travel throughout the system digesting damaged cells, tumours, deeply impacted mucus, crystallised spurs on the joints and inflammation.  Fasting also stimulates growth hormone secretion from the pituitary gland which is the most powerful healing and regeneration hormone for the specific purpose of repairing damage to the organs and tissues as part of the healing process.  

    Periodically one needs to cleanse in order to protect health, promote vitality and prolong life.  There is no substitute for fasting as it is nature's method to cure disease at the root source which always involves toxicity. Fasting, yogic cleansing practices, breathing, bodywork, massage and exercise all assist the process of deep tissue detoxification and is more important than ever.  Every drug, preservative and artificial additive you have ever ingested has triggered a major secretion of mucus which is now impacted on the walls of your colon and cannot be removed simply by eating pure foods.  One has to rehydrate and loosen the solid waste from the colon and bowel lining.

    Your own body will then naturally do the rest of the detox work through your blood, lymph, hormones and enzymes.  But we do need to allow sufficient time for the natural system to take over.  Three to seven days is usually enough to kick start you on your own journey of healing.  

  • Accommodation and meals as described in Itinerary
  • International flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance
  • Tranport
  1. Starting Point

    You can reach Tulbagh the day before the retreat starts either by train, by bus or car pooling with other participants. We will help you with the logistics.  

  2. Accommodation

    The farm can accommodate participants in single, double or triple rooms. The price per person published is for 3 people sharing. 

  3. Important Information


    A visa is required to enter the Republic of South Africa but it is delivered free at the entrance.


    It is a condition of booking with Gaia Conscious Travel that you have adequate valid travel insurance. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate travel insurance and ensure you have read and understood the full terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for all activities you intend to undertake whilst on travel, including all optional activities. Your Insurance Policy must fully cover you for medical expenses and emergency repatriation to your home country. Please ensure your policy includes medical emergency helicopter evacuation in the event of illness or injury and covers the entire duration of your holiday. If you are trekking at altitude please ensure that there is no upper altitude limit, which may limit or exclude cover for your trip. Medical and repatriation insurance cover is not mandatory for domestic travel.

  4. Preparing your Experience


    The climate in summer in the Winelands is dry and hot in the day, but cooler at night. Nights can be cooler (>10°C), even in the Southern Hemisphere summer months. 

    Clothing and footwear:

    Lightweight walking boots/ trainers (to wear on walks)and sandals or slippers (to wear about the farmhouse). Clothing should be very comfortable and flowing in neutral colours.  A warm sweater is essential, as are a beanie, scarf, leggings/tights and a rain coat in winter.
    Swimming costume and sarong.
    Please also bring your personal water bottle and yoga mat or other equipment if you want to. 
    Yoga and pilates mats and equipment will be provided.         

  5. Budgeting your Experience


    All costs are included during the retreat. You will need some extra money to cover your expenses and accommodation in Cape Town before and/or after the trip. 

    Foreign Exchange: 

    Bureau de Change are widely available in Cape Town and ATM are also available in towns, villages and service stations


    Tipping is customary in South Africa.The farm staff members will welcome tips as a token of appreciation for their services.

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Accommodation Options

    There are no extra accommodation options for this Experience. Please contact us for accommodation options before and after your trip

Optional Activities

    There are no optional activities features for this Experience. Please contact us if you would like us to enquire further

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02/12/2017 - 08/12/2017
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$954 for 2 people sharing room
03/02/2018 - 09/02/2018
Departure guaranteed
(3 people sharing)
$954 for 2 people sharing
17/03/2018 - 23/03/2018
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$954 for 2 people sharing
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All Reviews Overall Rating 5/5
Reviewed on December 11, 2017

“Of all the weeks I’ve had the last years, this one is the most outstanding one. In a very positive way. Great place, great group of people but mostly great guidance by Annie and the therapists around. I felt very at ease, safe and comfortable, even though I was a bit anxious of doing this detox week. However I’ve not felt any better than I do now. Full of (renewed/new) energy and inspired by everything we learned during the retreat, I’m ready to continue this healthy lifestyle and live a happy life, forever.”

Reviewed on December 11, 2017

“I want to say a huge huge thanks for the retreat over April / May. It was in such a beautiful setting with a wonderful warm group of people, including yourself. I so enjoyed getting to know you and really value my time there. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. I have undertaken many juice fasts before, but this one has by far been the most transformational. After 5 days of juicing and the amazing Shiatsu treatments from Richard I felt (and still feel) like a new person. Not only does my body feel clean and healthy, but my mind is clear and light as well. It has been categorically life changing. Thank you very much and I will recommend Cape Town Retreats to everyone.”

Reviewed on December 11, 2017

“I spent a magical week with Annie and her team in the magnificent Tulbagh Valley. I couldn’t have asked for a greater birthday present. Not only did I cleanse my body with the amazing juices, almond milk and nutritious broth Annie and her team prepared freshly everyday, but I also reconnected with my own desires, ambitions and dreams. It is such a privilege in today’s charged lifestyle to be able to take time out, walk in nature, challenge body and mind and to listen to your inner voice. I can only praise Annie for her gentle approach and the absolute peace she embodies. This retreat should be a definite bucket list item for anyone who needs to realign themselves and who desires to find the beginning of their journey.”