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How to be a Conscious Traveller: 10 Easy Tips to make your trip worthwhile!

20 Jan 2016, by Jessica Munda


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Ujamaa Community Resource Team founder awarded Goldman Prize

21 Apr 2016, by The Citizen


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The Story of Hope the Rhino

04 May 2016, by Wilderness Foundation South Africa

Wilderness Foundation,Rhino Poaching,Conservation,Hope,South Africa

In May 2015, 3 rhino lost their lives in a poaching incident in the Eastern Cape.

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Can Ecotourism Harm Africa?

09 May 2016, by Dana Rasmussen and Melissa Andrews

Ecotourism,Responsible Travel,Community,Grassroots

Africa has become a go-to destination for people across the globe looking for the ultimate experience with nature.

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13 May 2016, by Jess Munda

Campaign,Travel,Responsible,Sustainable,Fair Trade

In Gaia has launched a widespread campaign on social media to encourage travellers to travel consciously

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Juicing to Increase Vitality

24 Aug 2016, by Annie Wyatt

Juicing,cleansing,retreat,South Africa

Fasting purifies the blood, regenerating and rebalancing all vital functions in the body.

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The Bushmen of Botswana, a Story of Resistance

01 Sep 2016, by Survival International


There are 100,000 Bushmen in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Angola. They are the indigenous people of southern Africa, and have lived there for tens of thousands of years.

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What We Consume... Time to Draw the Line

10 Nov 2016, by Joanna Tomkins

Indonesia,Palm Oil,Conservation,Ecology,Disaster,Consumerism

A difficult time to live in this is... one where we seek awareness but seek detachment at the same time. Where do we draw the line?

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World AIDS Day 2016

12 Dec 2016, by Joanna Tomkins

World AIDS Day,Africa,health,prevention,CDC

December 1 is World AIDS Day, a day to acknowledge our progress in HIV prevention and treatment around the world and renew our commitment to a future free of HIV

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