Conscious Travel Journals

Young Billy and the Desert Elephants

12 Apr 2016, by Billy Howard, 13 years old


Billy went with his family to Volunteer at EHRA in Namibia to support conservation of the wild elephant species

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Journey with Elephants

12 Apr 2016, by Cindy


A personal story about the Experience of volunteering for 2 weeks with EHRA in Namibia

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A Yoga Retreat Journal on Mafia Island

04 Oct 2016, by Leila El Krekshi


Yoga Teacher Leila El Krekshi tells us about her Yoga Retreats on Mafia Island in Zanzibar

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Mindfulness for Travelers - Travel as a Healer for Yourself

07 Feb 2017, by Brook Woolf

mindfulness,travel,earthing,deep listening,meditation

Mindfulness is the key to having an awakening journey on any travel experience.

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5 Major Oversights of Planning a Conscious Trip

23 Feb 2017, by Brooke Woolf


A quick guide for anyone planning an eco and mindful journey

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A Green Family in Action - Reforesting Platbos

15 Mar 2017, by Joanna Tomkins

reforesting,nature,environment,volunteering,South Africa

The main goal behind this festival is to get together to reforest the scarred sections of this 70-acre privately owned forest

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Morning Routines for Freelance Workers and a Travel Lifestyle.

15 Aug 2017, by Brooke Woolf


A great read by our contributor Brooke Woolf. A focus on daily mindful routines for freelancers

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