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Choosing your Experience

You can use our Experience Search or you can browse through the entire PEOPLE, NATURE or LIFE Collections by clicking on the the colour logos on the header and footer of the site. 

Booking your Experience

You can send us a Booking Form from any Experience Page by clicking on the Book Now button. We will confirm Availability and Prices via email within 48 hours and will email your pro-forma invoice and instructions for the booking confirmation payment.

On each Experience page, on the Itinerary & Info tab, useful travel information is included for you to then prepare your trip. Additionally, after you have confirmed your booking, we shall send you a digital copy of your Pre-departure Travel Notes.

Once we have confirmed your booking, you can purchase your flights on our site, on the Experience's Flights tab. 


Our prices are shown in dollars on our website and they will be converted into ZAR (South African Rand) on the date of your booking confirmation invoice. Even if the prices are updated on the site or exchange rates vary, the price of your Experience will not be altered after the price has been confirmed on your booking confirmation invoice.

Payments should be made via our secure online Payment Gateway. We recommend you use our international foreign exchange EFT option (Exchange4Free), which will provide you a better exchange rate and no bank commission whatsoever.
You may also use your credit or debit card for these payments with a 2,5% administrative fee.
If paying in South Africa, you will be able to EFT directly to our account.

Reviewing after your Experience

We will send you a form requesting your feedback after you travel. We hope you will provide us with as much details as possible for us to share with other travellers and to improve the services that we offer. 

We also welcome your comments regarding our website's functionalities and our customer services. 

Welcome to Gaia Conscious Travel!

Many people worldwide are mindful of how their lifestyle affects our planet Gaia, the communities that live on her and off her resources. They also are more aware of how their choices affect their own body, mind, soul and spirit.

Welcome to our online travel agency, where like-minded people can discuss and source their ideal conscious travel experiences! Together, on our blog and social media, we will discuss how to reduce the negative effects of travel on our human and natural environments and also how travel can help us grow. We will put all our efforts together to leave a positive footprint behind us and within us.