Gaia is building a solid community of conscious travellers, which is fully aware of its impact on the environment and strives to serve the greater good, at home and away. By committedly sharing our beliefs through this blog and our social media sites - which you can access by clicking on their icons below -, together we can create a positive impact on the way the world travels in the future. 

The style of tourism that you can read about here is life changing and aware, to be enjoyed in full consciousness and in the present moment. We encourage our community to spend ethically, eat wholesomely, think positively, act mindfully and learn something new every day throughout their life voyage!

How to be a Conscious Traveller: 10 Easy Tips to make your trip worthwhile!

20 Jan 2016, by Jessica Munda


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10 Feb 2016, by Jessica Munda


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Finally Some Rain

17 Mar 2016, by Vaughn du Plooy

South Africa,tracks,rain,nature,Kruger

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17 Mar 2016, by Ben Coley

Big 5,Africa,nature,immersion

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FOOD FOR THE SOUL: Exploring The Tastes of Different Cultures

24 Mar 2016, by Jessica Munda


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Young Billy and the Desert Elephants

12 Apr 2016, by Billy Howard, 13 years old


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Journey with Elephants

12 Apr 2016, by Cindy


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Ujamaa Community Resource Team founder awarded Goldman Prize

21 Apr 2016, by The Citizen


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Do you Feel you are at a Turning Point in your Life?

29 Apr 2016, by Corinna Stevenson - Ecopsychologist, Founder of Dragonfly Healing

Vision Quest,South Africa,fasting,Immersion,nature

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The Story of Hope the Rhino

04 May 2016, by Wilderness Foundation South Africa

Wilderness Foundation,Rhino Poaching,Conservation,Hope,South Africa

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Can Ecotourism Harm Africa?

09 May 2016, by Dana Rasmussen and Melissa Andrews

Ecotourism,Responsible Travel,Community,Grassroots

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13 May 2016, by Jess Munda

Campaign,Travel,Responsible,Sustainable,Fair Trade

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What difference can a bike make?!

17 May 2016, by Bicycle Empowerment Network

Cycling,biking,bicycle,empowerment,society,NGO,South Africa,Cape town

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Turtle hatching has started on Mafia Island!

10 Jun 2016, by Mafia Island Diving Centre


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Too many elephants or too much cruelty to elephants? What can we do?

12 Jul 2016, by Joanna Tomkins


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The Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

23 Aug 2016, by Bwindi Independent Travel Portal (edited)


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Juicing to Increase Vitality

24 Aug 2016, by Annie Wyatt

Juicing,cleansing,retreat,South Africa

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Can I make the world more peaceful?

31 Aug 2016, by Art of Living


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The Bushmen of Botswana, a Story of Resistance

01 Sep 2016, by Survival International


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A Yoga Retreat Journal on Mafia Island

04 Oct 2016, by Leila El Krekshi


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What is Kundalini, you asked me?

18 Oct 2016, by David for


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Table Mountain, A Sacred Site - Day Tours

28 Oct 2016, by Dean Liprini

Sacred Sites,Table Mountain,South Africa,Cape Town,archeology,spiritual,hiking

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What is a Pangolin?!

03 Nov 2016, by and


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What We Consume... Time to Draw the Line

10 Nov 2016, by Joanna Tomkins

Indonesia,Palm Oil,Conservation,Ecology,Disaster,Consumerism

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We are Tanzanians, we are Hadzabe

11 Nov 2016, by Daudi Peterson, Richard Baalow and Jon Cox

Hadza,Tanzania,Tribe,Culture,Hunter Gatherers,community

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World AIDS Day 2016

12 Dec 2016, by Joanna Tomkins

World AIDS Day,Africa,health,prevention,CDC

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To a Conscious Xmas and a Responsible New Year!

12 Dec 2016, by Alka Pratap and Tina Jabr for Huffington Post

Christmas,conscious,consumerism,New Year,responsible,living

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Mindfulness for Travelers - Travel as a Healer for Yourself

07 Feb 2017, by Brook Woolf

mindfulness,travel,earthing,deep listening,meditation

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5 Major Oversights of Planning a Conscious Trip

23 Feb 2017, by Brooke Woolf


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A Green Family in Action - Reforesting Platbos

15 Mar 2017, by Joanna Tomkins

reforesting,nature,environment,volunteering,South Africa

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Morning Routines for Freelance Workers and a Travel Lifestyle.

15 Aug 2017, by Brooke Woolf


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46 Meditation Tips and Answers to Common Questions

16 Aug 2017, by Giovanni Dienstmann


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Welcome to Gaia Conscious Travel!

Many people worldwide are mindful of how their lifestyle affects our planet Gaia, the communities that live on her and off her resources. They also are more aware of how their choices affect their own body, mind, soul and spirit.

Welcome to our online travel agency, where like-minded people can discuss and source their ideal conscious travel experiences! Together, on our blog and social media, we will discuss how to reduce the negative effects of travel on our human and natural environments and also how travel can help us grow. We will put all our efforts together to leave a positive footprint behind us and within us.