Gaia Conscious Travel is an international online travel agency geared at the ever-increasing community of mindful travellers.

We offer a unique selection of travel Experiences that enhance the traveller's feeling of true connection with the social or natural environment visited and with themselves. They are classified in categories and also placed into three main Collections - PEOPLE (orange), NATURE (green) and LIFE (purple).


You will find shorter getaways in one place, in depth retreats or extensive tours through various countries, depending on your travel needs and budget. But in either category, we also try to select the most responsible, sustainable, or as we have coined it throughout our site, "conscious" travel option. 


We are committed to researching the most conscious trips, accommodations or retreats. We work with small local operators who also follow our Conscious Travel Principles and do not work with major travel corporations. We do not represent other agencies, so that we can communicate directly with the operators. 



Furthermore, most of our Experiences are Associated to a Project (described at the bottom of each Experience Overview Page), closely or widely related, and that contributes to making your travel footprint more positive. We will give you the option to support it when you send us your final payment.
Each year, we also contribute a percentage of our corporate profit to our two main NPO partners. You can read more about them here.


Our prices exclude flights but you can also purchase them online on the Flight Info tabs on each Experience Page.

Currently, we are focusing on travel Experiences in Africa.  Worldwide trips will soon also be added to our catalogue.

Read our Booking Guide to find out more.

The Founder

For Joanna Tomkins, life IS travel and trying to be increasingly conscious of people and nature around, as well as life within . Born in the UK, her parents moved to France when she was 5, where she grew up in different regions. When she was 20, she moved to Spain to study business and to later work for small cultural enterprises. 

She worked for over 10 years in the childrens' animation and documentary industries, and at the same time she studied sculpture in various media, ceramics and theatre set design. Whilst in Madrid, she launched a music events agenda, revamped and run a historical tea shop and started a plastic artists' association! 

Always inclined to broadening horizons, she continued travelling whenever possible until finally she decided to quit her life in Barcelona to go travelling in Southern Africa as a tour guide. During that same period, she produced and directed her documentary Rainbow Nation 2010, which was a great television success in Spain and was also shown in other countries around the world. After finally settling down in Cape Town, she founded her own tour operator and bed & breakfast in 2009 and on a personal level focused on a more healthy and conscious lifestyle for her and her 2 children. 2016 saw the birth of Gaia Conscious Travel in the village of Scarborough, between pristine beaches and mountains and amidst a very conscious community.

"For me, Gaia is about walking the talk, joining the dots between the beautiful venues and activities that operators have developed worldwide and the people who would enjoy and benefit from those experiences. At the same time, we wish to contribute towards making travel a more conscious industry worldwide"




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