5 Major Oversights of Planning a Conscious Trip

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A quick guide for anyone planning an eco and mindful journey...

Depending on where you are going, planning any type of trip can be exhausting and take many hours of exertion to plan. What could be worse then spending all those hours planning is doing it and then being left with a trip that isn’t at all what was desired. So, to avoid that from happening I have constructed this short list of mistakes to avoid complications.

The Words Eco/ Sanctuary can be Marketing Ploys.

Many times when you are planning any conscious travel experience and you start planning your trip you can get not only overwhelmed, but also, lured into good marketing with not a lot of merit. 

For example, in Thailand, there are many claims to eco and sustainable elephant parks and yet they ride elephants. People are not educated on the fact that any and all elephant riding is unethical. The elephant is tortured into submission to become at ease carrying people-, as it is not natural to carry humans.

There are countless examples of this throughout the world related to animal sanctuaries and other wildlife spaces. One way to tell quickly is looking at the pricing (usually if it is really cheap, they are skimping somewhere) and using a bit of your gut. If there is a tiger kingdom and you can pet tigers that are all completely submissive, well they are probably drugged- as cats in general are not submissive 100% of the time. If you’re head is telling you, “ no way is that possible!” then it probably isn’t.

 Do your best to do some research there are great sites to start out at like nomadicmatt.com or sustainabletravel.org/

Most Tourism is Not Beneficial for the Environment or the Culture 

Much like the point made above, the world of tourism can be a pretty unpleasant place for people to be promoting and reinforcing.  Environmentally, unrestrained tourism can pose threats on our natural resources all over the world and can lead to habitat loss, soil erosion, increased pollution, and more. Much of the time the money generated from tourism is not given back to the local communities and adversely effecting much of the social impact on the communities. Jobs that are created are often seasonal and poorly paid for the locals living in the areas.

To avoid this, do you best to reflect on your carbon footprint. If you want to take a tour, sign up for small group eco tours. In general, the smaller the group is, the more environmentally aware and socially conscious that will be. Make sure you are going to local markets and supporting small traditional artisans and supporting the culture that you are visiting instead of exploiting them for their cheap goods.  When you give to the cultural crafts you are supporting them to maintain their culture versus when you buy things that are gimmicky and touristy. 

Planning Everything Makes for a Mediocre Trip.

On a lighter note, planning the trip from beginning to end with no opportunity for free time is a big no-no. Part of living a conscious life is knowing when to listen to your intuition and your inner guide. When, you plan a trip front to back you leave no room for the mystery of the place you are going and no capacity to explore that adventurous side of your personality. Part of going anywhere, is having a day to get entranced in the energy of the new situation and to really enjoy what the chaos will command. Trust your intuition and go and explore!  These days are usually the greatest days of the trip and the ones you remember the most.

 A Brief Trip to the Other Side of the World is Not Worth It

When designing a trip really deliberate on the length of the flight, the jet lag you are going to be feeling and the culture you are going to be discovering. One week anywhere on the other side of the world just simply isn’t worth it. You will feel like you have to come back to “truly” feel like you went there and it will just seem like a tease or nibbling of the place that you spent so money and planned forever.  If you don’t have the time off go somewhere closer and wait till you have at least two weeks to take a break to visit that place you always wanted to go.

Don’t Try to Pack too Many Places in One Trip. 

Many times when you are going to the other side of the world you start to think about all the places that are near it and want to jam all these places into one trip. Usually, there are at least two destinations you end up wishing you saw more and two that you wish you never went to at all by the end. It is fun to go to a few places when you are hopping around, but just be careful on not trying to do too much.

I hope this was an informative guide for you to read before planning your next conscious travel experience and you will use this material wisely. I am pleased to say, as a follower of my own guidance, I’ve yet to have a bad travel manifestation in the last five years. So, connect to the guide and I am sure you will have an amazingly life-changing and thought-provoking experience.

With Gratitude,  Brook Woolf

The Snarky Spiritualist A.K.A. Your Future Empowerment Coach

About the Author:

Brook Woolf is an empowerment coach who helps people achieve pain-free living through the power of mindset. She currently runs a course for travelers who feel stuck or lost, suchas digital nomads and remote workers. She is a true jill of all trades. She founded a three-story nonprofit art center at 22 years of age, promoting constant learning and in doing so she is consistently enrolling herself in new skills. She is certified in Massage Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Thai Massage, B.F.A., coaching as well as studied Chinese nutrition and holistic wellness. 


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